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Bronze is an alloy made mostly of copper and additional metals including arsenic, aluminium, phosphorus, manganese, and silicon rather than a pure form of metal. Because of its great strength, ease of casting, and hardness, bronze has been utilised extensively. has several uses in engineering. Generally speaking, bronze sells for more money than other scrap metals. The demand for copper and its alloys is quite high.

Bronze Varieties

  • Aluminium Bronze
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Nickel Brass
  • Silicon Bronze
  • Copper Nickel

Common Bronze Items

  • Tools Like Hammers And Wrenches.
  • Marine Fittings
  • Old Bells
  • Industrial Castings And Bearings
  • Decorative Castings (Bronze Sculptures & Candlesticks)
  • Electrical Wires
  • Plumbing items (taps, old fixtures, pipes, tubes, sink drains, water meters, washers, valves)
  • Motorised Cars
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Automobile Parts, And More

We Specialize in Bronze Recycling ─ Fair & Transparent Trading

We are reliable, licensed, and certified scrap dealers and recycling experts in Perth, Western Australia. We accept bronze scrap from households, businesses, industrial facilities, and others.

Without harming the environment, we are experts at sorting and recycling bronze scrap.

Our facility has many scales that guarantee quick weight computations and the quickest payment for metals. As part of the full customer service, our team also helps the customers gather and identify the scrap they bring to our facility.

We make recycling profitable & hassle-free.

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The greatest scrap metal price for bronze scrap is provided by WA Scrap Metals. Our pricing is competitive and completely determined by the kind and amount of scrap metal.

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We pay cash for bronze in all varieties. You should be aware that not every variety will cost the same.

The quality, variety, and condition of the scrap all affect the pricing you receive for it.

Our bronze scrap specialists assist vendors in determining the types of bronze they have and obtaining the best prices in accordance with current market pricing.

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The residential, commercial, and industrial sectors are among the clients we serve. We collect every type of scrap material.

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