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Recycle Used Car Batteries ─ Be Part of the Solution

A significant amount of precious resources is wasted when batteries are disposed of in landfills. When batteries are dumped in landfills, they can cause environmental pollution because the majority of them contain toxic elements. Lead, cadmium, and mercury are substances that may damage humans and animals, pollute soils and water, and last a very long period in the environment. 95% of a battery’s parts can be recycled and fully reused to make new batteries or for other applications. You may make a difference by recycling your old batteries.

Top Cash for Used Car Batteries ─ Instant Money Guaranteed

The greatest price for your batteries is provided by WA Scrap Metals. Our recycling procedure has been optimised to guarantee maximum cash with hassle-free recycling time.

With old car batteries, we give our clients the best pricing. For each car battery, we also give instant cash service, giving our Perth clients a hassle-free experience.

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By giving us the necessary information, you can receive an accurate online quote for your used car batteries. We accept used car batteries and offer top dollar. To receive an immediate quote, contact our recycling experts right now.

Choose Quick & Safe Car Batteries Disposal

All lead-acid batteries should be disposed of properly since they are biohazardous materials, especially used car batteries.

When it comes to recycling old batteries, WA Scrap Metal Recycling eliminates all risks important for safe disposal. By offering convenient car battery pickup, recycling, and secure disposal.

You do not need to prepare the batteries in any way, including draining the liquids and oil. However, for us to collect and transport the batteries securely and recycle them, we do need the details about the type and health status of the battery.

Schedule Free Pick Up Safe & Trouble-Free

We provide free battery pickups for our customers in Perth. We’ll arrive at your house and pick up the used automobile batteries. We guarantee same-day pickup of used vehicle batteries anywhere in Perth.

Schedule a pick-up appointment for your free battery removal now to take advantage of safe disposal at a licenced recycling facility. You may reach our recycling experts by phone or online, and they will arrange a pick-up for a time that is most convenient for you.

To ensure the secure disposal of your old auto batteries, we offer specialised trucks in various sizes. Your batteries will be safely transported to our scrap yard, where our dismantlers will safely recycle the batteries to dispose of them.

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