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Our facilities can process a wide range of ferrous and nonferrous metals, and we have the expertise and knowledge to manage any operation for your company.

We accept all sorts of scrap metal from steel, beams, girders, trusses, structural steel & pilings, heavy machinery and copper sheet Perth.

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Ferrous and non-ferrous metals are the two types of materials. Iron and carbon are combined to form ferrous metals. Carbon steel, alloy steel, wrought iron, and cast iron are all widely known ferrous metals. Aluminium, copper, lead, zinc, and tin are all non-ferrous metals. Nonferrous metals are valuable commodities. We welcome you to our site to discuss your scrap metal recycling requirements with our skilled and professional team. Learn more about how you can do it! However, not all scrap metal could be recycled, although the range of materials that cannot be recycled is quite limited. It contains both radioactive and hazardous metals, such as uranium and plutonium. Specific metals or metal objects, on the other hand, are not accepted by scrap yards, usually due to health and safety concerns. Other things may be subject to a fee since processing them entails multiple procedures. If you're not aware, consult with a professional first.
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We can minimise the number of recyclables that ends up in landfills, as well as the power required to create new materials, by reusing and repurposing.