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Brass is one of the most widely recycled metals. If you still have brass scraps around the house, you may sell them to make space and money at the same time!

Recycle Clean Brass ─ Make Some Extra Cash

Locks, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, watches, clocks, and other typical home furnishings are commonly made of ornamental metal brass. It’s not only visually appealing, though. Also, it is a highly sturdy material that is frequently utilized for more practical tasks like the manufacture of plumbing fixtures and faucets.

You will get a higher price if you thoroughly clean your scrap brass before taking it to a nearby scrap metal recycler.

Know Your Brass

You must understand the different varieties of brass if you want to get the best value out of it.

  1. Chrome Brass

Commonly found in your kitchen or bathroom sink. Your faucets often have a silver-plated appearance, while actually it is made of brass. A helpful tip is to scrape it with a magnet to reveal the yellow below, which will confirm that it is brass.

  1. Yellow Brass

The most common type of brass. Yellow brass is most commonly found in plumbing fixtures joints and toilets and sink fixtures. It is also sometimes used in bed frames and light fixtures.

  • Red Brass

The most valuable variety of brass is because of the high copper content, which gives it a reddish colour. Red brass is frequently used in mechanical elements including valves, sprinklers, and parts of different pumps.

Hassle-Free Pick-Up Services ─ Perth Wide

Through our efficient pick-up service, you can conveniently get rid of your clean brass scrap responsibly. WA Scrap Metal offers a free collection service for your scrap brass metal.

Whether it be commercial, residential, or industrial. We have various-sized brass scrap pickup trucks, and we can supply the right one based on the weight and volume of your brass scraps.

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The Cleaner The Brass ─ The Higher The Value

If you want to increase the value of your recyclables, you should clean your brass scrap metal by separating impurities, paint, insulation, and other coatings. Of course, your brass scrap will be priced more if it has fewer attachments and is cleaner. Clean scrap metals will fetch a higher price from scrap metal buyers.

Get The Best Price for Scrap Brass ─ Get Instant Cash

One of our most common scrap metals is still brass. Prices for scrap metal frequently change. As a result, the price of brass scrap fluctuates often.

The grade of your Scrap Brass will have a significant impact on the profit you may earn. While providing Perth’s highest brass price per kilogram, we accept all varieties of brass scrap items. We offer the most competitive rates to our clients.

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