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Copper is shapeshifting material and is widely used in metals in a variety of applications, including communication systems, electronics, industrial manufacturing, transportation, and industrial machinery. Copper is the third most recycled metal and is 100% recyclable. Australia has grown to be one of the world’s major copper-producing and mining regions. WA Scrap Metals recycles copper scrap with pride to support sustainable development. We provide a full-service solution for recycling scrap metal.

We Accept All Types Of Scrap Copper

Supporting and promoting copper recycling is crucial. At Perth, we specialise in recycling scrap copper, including all varieties of unalloyed and alloyed copper as well as copper coils, radiators, batteries, and other metals.

We exclusively gather copper scrap that is high-quality and pure. We accept:

  • Copper scrap from copper smelting
  • Copper scrap from industrial processing

Scrap copper from machinery equipment, Auto parts, Household appliances, Computers and TVs.

Top Dollars for Scrap Copper ─ Perth

Recycling is not simply a sustainable practice; with us, you’ll also earn the greatest prices for your scrap metal. We make it simple for customers to sell copper for a competitive price.

According to current market trends, based on supply and demand, in Australia and around the world scrap metal prices keep changing constantly. Moreover, other factors, such as the amount of scrap, location, etc., also affect pricing.

You don’t have to be concerned about receiving anything less than what you deserve with WA Scrap Metals. To help sellers decide exactly who to pick for recycling, we strive to give the highest copper scrap rates.

Our collection trucks contain cutting-edge digital scales that are managed by highly skilled personnel with knowledge of precise value. We determine the value of your metal scrap using reliable sources and current market prices.

Don’t Miss Out On Instant Cash ─ Hurry!!!

We are the greatest choice since we have the highest pricing in WA if you want premium copper rates. To provide our clients with the best pricing, we will assess the kind of metal and the cost of recycling.

We give the greatest price for scrap metals in WA because we recycle metals with the newest technology and are committed to maintaining a steady business relationship with our valued customers.

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You may also contact our scrap metal experts online and request a free quote for your metal scraps. Call us right now for a cost-free, no-obligation estimate.

We will provide you with a free, general quote based on the amount and grade of your materials. We look forward to working as a team with you.

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Don’t worry if you’re having trouble getting rid of your scrap copper; just give us a call, and we’ll set up a pickup, most likely the same day. From any location in Perth, we collect scrap copper from your door.

Our collection system is set up to offer hassle-free pickup and smooth recycling procedures. We also make certain that our services are convenient.

We can do full-field clean-up services as well as industrial-scale plant removals. If needed, we carry the necessary tools to disassemble large machinery and pack them into our bins.

*Note that all our recycling services are fully licensed and insured.

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