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One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure This is really accurate and applicable for making money from scrap metal. Recycling scrap is a sustainable method of getting rid of waste materials. Over the world, lead is efficiently employed in a variety of sectors. In terms of material recovery rate, lead is consistently one of the most recycled commodities. To get rid of impurities, they can be remelted indefinitely. Because of its core characteristics, it is cheap and simple to collect and recycle. Around 50% of the lead that is utilised over and again comes from recycled lead.We purchase scrap lead at WA Scrap Metal. We service all of Perth. Based on market prices, we provide you with the best scrap lead rates.

Common Lead Scrap

  • Lead acid batteries
  • Soft/Hard lead batteries
  • Bullets
  • Weights
  • Wheel weights
  • Lead insulated cable
  • Forklift batteries
  • Steelcase batteries
  • Backup batteries
  • Marine applications – Fishing sinkers, solder, mag wheel weights and nails
  • Radiation shields

Highest Price Paid ─ Get Instant Cash in Hand

Because of its high value and demand as a recycled commodity, recycled lead has a quality that is practically comparable to primary lead that is extracted straight from mines.

The amount you receive for your scrap depends on its weight. We weigh your junk on the spot with our precise weighbridge to calculate the payment you will receive.

For your scrap metal, we guarantee the best lead recycling price. To get the most value out of every kilogram of lead scrap, we recycle it using cutting-edge technology and a simplified procedure. That enables us to give our customers the best price for lead scrap.

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Lead scrap metal prices are always fluctuating since they depend on the world market. By putting your faith in WA Scrap Metals, you can be sure that you always get the best price for your scrap lead.

We give our clients up-front quotes for their scrap and honest business services. In addition, we pay our consumers promptly and build lasting relationships with them.

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Scrap Metal Bins & Free Pick-Up Service

Perth residents may take advantage of our professional lead trash collection and recycling services. If you want to securely eliminate any lead trash from your home, business, or manufacturing facility. then get in touch with us for transport and scrap lead metal pickup services in Perth.

Beginning the moment you get in touch with us and ask for a lead scrap pickup, you’ll get complete services. For your lead scrap, our scrap professionals will create a scrap pick-up schedule for any location in Perth.

To collect the waste from your property or industrial location, we will provide complimentary plastic containers. If you get in touch with us right away, we can set up a scrap pick-up based on your needs.

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