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Recycling used metals, particularly wires made of metal, is crucial and beneficial for the environment. It enables us to make use of some of the metals we currently have and repurpose them. Moreover, insulated cables have several other uses. Bring it to us if you like to work on projects at home or if you run a company that uses insulated wires. Electricians, contractors, developers, builders, and many more industries use metal wires. You may always sell your scraps to us if this is your line of employment. Your increasing collection of insulated metal wires may be purchased by WA Scrap Metal Buyers, who will recycle them and give you a reasonable payment right away.

We Recycle All Forms Of Metal Wires

Insulated wires come in several grades. They all have diverse looks, are put to use in various ways, and are recycled in various ways.

You could have alloy copper wire, copper-clad aluminium wire, copper-clad steel wire, and a variety of different types of copper-insulated wires.

Before arriving for drop-off, you do not need to know your grade. Once the insulation has been removed from the wires, many of them may appear to be identical. Hence, we employ a unique device to determine the composition of the wire.

Best Prices Paid ─ We Offer Instant Cash For Scrap

Selling your used insulated wire might have advantages beyond those related to the environment. Your insulated can be sold to get some additional income.

We are the greatest option if you want the best prices on metal wires. We give quick payment on the spot along with fair and competitive estimates. There are no transaction delays.

Free Pick-Up & Bin Service ─ Simple & Fuss-Free

We provide all of our domestic and residential customers with a simple drop-off service. Call us right away to organise a pickup or delivery of a scrap metal bin if you have scrap metal that needs to be removed.

We provide free metal recycling containers with quick delivery and collection if you need to recycle a significant volume of scrap metal.

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Before calculating the cost, metal wires must first have their insulation removed. The recovered copper is weighed, and its price is calculated using the current market price.

The price for used metal wires is determined by the current market price. Metals typically fluctuate in price every day. The price of the metal will thus vary depending on the day that you arrive.

Fortunately, we always provide each customer with the most competitive rate following market trends. In this manner, you maximise the value of your contribution. All of your scrap metal is valued at the finest rates here.

Contact us right away if you have any enquiries or would like a price on a large scrap metal pile.

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