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The Easiest Way To Sell Scrap Radiators In Perth

Do you have old scrap radiators taking up space?
You can turn them into cash.
Some people might not be aware, but your old, damaged radiator is completely recyclable. They are composed primarily of metal, which is simple to recycle and turn into quick money. Recycling it can earn you good cash.
Bring scrap radiators to a recycling facility, where they may reuse metals like iron, aluminium and stainless steel, copper tubing, and more, and you can get paid extra for your old radiators.

Recycle Scrap Radiators For Cash ─ We Collect

We accept several types of old, scrap radiators, including:

  • Car Radiators
  • Copper Aluminium
  • Iron Car Radiators
  • Iron Copper/Aluminium
  • Plastic Aluminium Radiators

Our helpful staff members can address any queries you may have if you are unsure if your radiator qualifies for scrapping.

Get Paid Highest Prices ─ Receive Best Competitive Rate

With WA Scrap Metals, you can help preserve the environment for the next generations, while receiving the maximum cash for your old radiators.

We work hard to make sure you receive the highest possible price for all of your scrap metal. Our pricing for radiator scrap is adjusted regularly according to the current market trends because we value transparency.

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The quality and condition of the metal determine the value of the radiators. Visit our website to receive a quote from our expert scrap metal recycling staff on the value of your radiator.

For the collection, delivery, and recycling of scrap materials, we will offer you a free quotation.

Convenient & Easy Pick-Up Service ─ Schedule Now!

Self-Drop-Off: With our accessible location in Perth, customers are welcome to drop off scrap items at our scrap yard.

Free Pick-up: You may arrange for a free pick-up service if you have a lot of items to recycle. It will be picked up by our crew from your location, making recycling simple and hassle-free for you.

Roll-Off Bins: If you want an on-site collection of valuable scrap stuff from your location.  our roll-off dumpsters will be of huge assistance. Whether you work on a construction site or an industrial location, they are an excellent option. We’ll send a team to pick up the container after your job is finished and pay you in cash for the scrap.

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