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How to Scrap an Air Conditioner? Complete Details

How to Scrap an Air Conditioner? Complete Details

Air conditioners have greatly improved over the years, but it does not mean that they will last forever. They lose their effectiveness after some time, and you must replace them with new ones. It’s essential to consider proper disposal methods rather than simply throwing them in the trash.

Can you scrap a central air conditioner for cash? Why not!

Fortunately, WA Scrap Metal specializes in scrap metal recycling, including scrap air conditioners. This allows you to not only dispose of your unit responsibly but also take advantage of the best market prices for scrap materials.

Additionally, we offer expert guidance on ‘how to scrap an air conditioner’, ensuring a seamless and environmentally friendly transition from the old unit to a new one.

Firstly, you need to know…

What is the Air Conditioner Scrap Price?

If you are confused about whether to take apart your scrap air conditioner before heading to the scrap yard, better you take the time to take it apart if you want to make some extra money.

Learning to take apart the unit maximizes your old air conditioner scrap value, as it’s a remarkable aspect of the decision-making process. It influences whether recycling is a good choice for you, especially when considering the financial side of things.

Now you might ask how much for scrap air conditioner? or how much money it gets you if you do it yourself?

Let’s have an example; if you bring the entire window unit to the scrapyard, you could receive approximately $400-600. However, if you take apart the unit yourself and bring the separated parts to the scrapyard, you could potentially earn three times more of your window air conditioner scrap value, totaling $1200-1800.

Because, your air conditioner has many metals to offer like aluminum, wires, electric motors, and other metal content in the aircon unit. These can get you good bucks!

Step-by-step DIY Guide on How to Scrap an Air Conditioner Unit

Step# 1: Contact a Professional for Freon Removal

This is the only step where you’ll need professional help. Because removing it yourself is illegal and dangerous for the environment as well. Additionally, it can result in a heavy fine from the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

Moreover, most of the scrap yards won’t accept the air conditioners without the freon removed. Therefore, make sure you contact a qualified and licensed HVAC professional to drain oils and freon refrigerants before you cut any tube inside.

Step# 2: Having the Right Tools to Scrap Air Conditioner

It’s essential to consider your safety and use the right tools when you’re thinking about recycling an air conditioner. Here’s a list of the tools and equipment you’ll need:

  • Tools:
  • Screwdrivers – Phillips and Flat Head
  • Power Drill
  • Wire Snipper
  • Tubing Cutters or Hacksaws
  • Wrench
  • Vice
  • Sawzall
  • Safety Equipment:
  • Gloves
  • Eye Protection

Step# 3: Cut the Copper Wires

For scrap copper air conditioner, use a wire cutter to physically separate the copper wires connected to the unit. Carefully cut the end of the power cord off the back of the unit. Here you have copper scrap; place these wires in a copper pile. This step is crucial in the scrapping process as copper is a valuable recyclable material commonly found in air conditioners.

Step# 4: Remove Steel/Screws

With a power drill or wrench, systematically separate any steel components or screws from the frame (outer parts) of the air conditioner. Additionally, pull off the steel side panel of the aircon and place them with the screws in the steel pile.

This step aims to detach the metal elements from the unit, making it easier to access internal components during the scrapping process.

Step# 5: Disconnect Copper Tubes

To initiate this step, locate and cut the copper tubes running from the sealed unit to the radiator. Use appropriate tools, such as tubing cutters or hacksaws, to carefully cut the copper tubes. Before proceeding, must wear appropriate safety gear, including gloves and goggles, to protect against any injuries.

Step# 6: Take out the Sealed Unit

First, make sure that the air conditioner is disconnected from the power source for safety during the process.

Here, you can see a few things like a sealed unit, one or two radiators, a power supply, an electric motor, and copper tubing. Now, using a wrench, carefully disconnect the sealed unit from the base of the unit, taking care not to damage any surrounding components.

Step# 7: Remove Radiators & Power Supply

Now grab a power drill or screwdriver and remove the radiator, motor (power supply), and fan with the attached electric motor. Put the screws in your steel pile as these tiny components contribute to maximizing the recyclable materials you get from AC.

Step# 8: Take out Scrap Items from the Power Supply

After removing the power supply, take out the components inside it. This may include items such as wires, connectors, a small transformer, an aluminum heatsink, or other metal parts within the power supply unit.

The goal is to separate and collect these scrap items for recycling, ensuring that valuable materials are recovered and properly disposed of.

Step# 9: Remove Fan & Electric Motor

Now you can find a fan and electric motor at the back of the air conditioner. Use your screwdriver to detach the electric motor from the fan and put it in a different pile. The fan might be made of plastic or steel, so be sure to place it in the correct pile based on its material.

Step# 10: Remove ACRs (Aluminum/Copper Radiators)

These radiators are the main components of the air conditioners. The smaller one can be seen in the front and the larger one towards the back. After removing these from the unit, place them in a vice. Then, using a Sawzall, cut the copper loops off the ends to get a steel end on the sides.

Step# 11: Clean up the ACR

After removing the ACR (Aluminum/Copper Radiators), place the copper loop ends with the other copper tubing. Now, using a flathead screwdriver, you can remove the steel plate on the side of the radiator. Place it with the rest of the steel you’ve collected and now you’ve got clean aluminum/copper film.

This involves removing any residual materials or contaminants to enhance the recyclability of the components.

Step# 12: Gather Your Scrap Metals

In the final step, collect all the separated components and scrap metals from all the steps. Place them in designated containers for recycling.

This step ensures an organized and efficient process, facilitating the proper disposal of recyclable materials.

Choose WA Scrap Metal as Your Air Conditioner Scrap Buyers!

We offer scrap metal recycling with extensive expertise, making it useful for coming generations.

Our mission is to deliver excellent service while following environmentally responsible practices.

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