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Let’s Scratch The Scrap With WA Scrap Metals

Let’s Scratch The Scrap With WA Scrap Metals

Being green is no longer simply a catchphrase for environmentalism; rather, it signals the beginning of a prosperous recycling age that creates employment and stimulates the economy.

Many residents take pride in their recycling efforts since they help the environment. The truth is that certain junk, like scrap metal, has value and is worth some cash.


Start Recycling Scrap Metal ─ Minimize Your Impact

So, how can you begin and make recycling scrap metal a successful effort? You will have more knowledge once you have read this post.

Every year, tons of scrap metal and other precious materials end up in landfills. An essential component of the recycling chain is the collection of scrap metal by skilled individuals and organizations, who then transport it to regional scrap dealers for recycling.

To sell the metal to big recycling firms for reuse in several new goods, scrap merchants are prepared to offer competitive amounts for it.


Recycle Scrap Metals for Cash

To start finding the best scrap metal goods that you can utilize for recycling and making money, it’s a good idea to sit down and research some of the most popular scrap metals in your neighbourhood.

On garbage collection day, it’s simple to find the most precious scrap metals and other junk metals, and most people are glad to get rid of them! These goods are simple to sell for money.


WA Scrap Metals Recycling List

The most popular metals for metal recycling are as follows.


Insulated Cables

Your appliances and home electronics will eventually need to be replaced or improved. The insulated cables, cords, and wires that go with the device may be left behind, leaving you to ponder what to do with them.

Copper outperforms other conductors in terms of heat and electricity conductivity, corrosion resistance, and durability. Mining copper is challenging. Because copper is present in every wire and cable, they are desirable as recycled materials.

The copper core of the insulated cables is more valuable than most other metals once the rubber covering has been removed. These common insulated cables are often accepted by recycling facilities.

At WA Scrap Metal Recycling, you might want to recycle that jumble of wires and insulated cables. It’s a simple way to earn some money and contribute to environmental protection.

Clean Brass

Copper and zinc are combined to form the alloy, or mixed metal, known as brass. These two essential components may be combined in various ratios to produce numerous types of clean brass for diverse uses. Clean brass is valued for its toughness and malleability and is distinguished by its yellow-gold colour.

On fixtures, sculptures, and furniture, brass is frequently used as a decorative element. It is frequently found on objects like door knobs and keys. From pipes to nuts and bolts, brass is a common material for plumbing and other building materials. Many horns and cymbals, among other musical instruments, have long been made of clean brass.

Clean brass may be recycled indefinitely. Brass can be recycled several times without sacrificing the qualities that make it valuable and practical. Clean brass is paid per pound and often falls toward the centre of the non-ferrous scrap pricing range.

All varieties of clean brass are recycled by WA Scrap Metals. For the most recent prices, contact your nearby salvage yards Perth.

Scrap Radiators

Many people don’t give scrap radiators much thought when they talk about scrap metal. Nonetheless, the metals that make up these gadgets are fully recyclable. Radiators come in a variety of styles, of course. Nevertheless, copper, brass, and aluminium radiators make up the majority of them.

The most likely recipients of your old scrap radiators are scrap metal traders or auto-wrecking yards.

Depending on the type of metal your radiator is constructed out of, the price of scrap radiators is always fluctuating. It’s crucial to know exactly what materials your radiator is built of.

Customers are guaranteed to receive market-competitive prices from WA Scrap Metals. We accept scrap radiators of all sizes and make sure that the strapping procedure is simple and effective for every one of our clients. You’ll earn the greatest money for your scrap radiators if you sell them to WA Scrap Metals right away.

Electric Motors Transformer

Several recyclable and precious metals may be found inside every electric motors transformer. Also, you will be paid well for them. The valuable and recyclable metals inside electric motors transformer include:

  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Iron
  • The steel case around the motor

The majority of modern gear, appliances, and vehicles, including vacuum cleaners, electric drills, and automobiles, are powered by electric motors transformer. Because of this, the electric motors transformer are very valuable and recyclable.

The time spent recycling used electric motors transformer is worthwhile. All types of used electric motors transformer scrap are purchased by WA Scrap Metals for recycling. Competitive scrap metal recycling rates for all metals are part of this. Put an end to wasting good money!

Catalytic Converter

Modern vehicles’ exhaust systems have catalytic converters, which serve to lessen the impact of automobiles on the environment.

Catalytic converters should last the lifespan of the vehicle; however, if the vehicle often backfires, it could need to be replaced sooner.

Many priceless metals, including copper, nickel, cerium, iron, and manganese, are found in catalytic converters.

Most importantly, did you realize that catalytic converters include the incredibly valuable and recyclable precious metals platinum, palladium, and rhodium?

These three metals are highly prized and employed in industrial, electrical, and jewellery applications. Thus, recycling catalytic converters is a good idea.

Catalytic converter recycling is available at WA Scrap Metals’ recycling facility. Any catalytic converter may be sold to us, and we accept converters from throughout Australia. For scrap catalytic converters, we offer some of the greatest values.

Steel and Iron Metals

Ferrous metals, such as wrought iron, cast iron, steel, and stainless steel, are metals that include iron. Steel is 100% recyclable and has an unlimited number of recycling opportunities.

Old automobiles, home appliances, steel beams, railroad rails, ships, food tins, bottle caps, paint cans, and aerosols are a few examples of steel and iron metals’ common sources.

Recycling steel and iron metals can reduce the energy required to produce goods from raw materials by up to 75%. You’ll likely have steel and iron metals scraps that you need to handle. whether you’re merely cleaning out your house, remodelling your company, or managing a sizable construction project.

We provide free steel and iron metals recycling containers with quick delivery and collection if you need to recycle a significant volume of scrap metal.

You must have scrap steel and iron metals that we could recycle, we’re sure. Get the money you deserve with the aid of our scrap metal dealers. Get started by contacting us right away.

Metal Wires

Copper and Aluminium, two important metals, are found in metal wires. These metals are eternally recyclable and do not deteriorate. Even after repeated usage, copper is a resilient metal that maintains an electrical connection. Recycling metal wires helps to recover resources for reuse, including the metal and plastic outer.

We accept all types of metal wires. The facility has drop-off areas and an on-site metal wires collection box for this service. For the metal found inside the metal wires, WA Metal Recyclers will pay market value.

Used Car Batteries

Old lead-acid batteries, including those found in automobiles, should be disposed of properly through used car batteries recycling programs as they constitute hazardous trash. Plastic, lead, and acid from used car batteries are among the components that are reprocessed and made into a variety of various items.

Batteries used in air conditioners, motorbikes, boats, and emergency lighting are all examples of lead-acid batteries. The majority of auto repair companies, scrap metal dealers, and gas stations accept used car batteries for recycling.

If your company or business needs to recycle a lot of used car batteries, get in touch with WA Scrap Metals to find out what collection or pick-up alternatives would be best.


Construction and home appliances frequently employ non-ferrous metal, with the two most common types being:

  • Copper
  • Aluminium

Non-ferrous metals are those that are based on or do not contain iron. Non-ferrous metal scrap is used to make everything from computer circuitry to soft drink cans, car batteries, aviation components, etc.

Non-ferrous scrap metal recycling is offered by WA Scrap Metals around Perth, delivering immediate cash in hand. For whatever scrap metal item, you have, we have the finest pricing. We provide a free scrap metal bin to make your task easier if you have a sizable deposit of metal that has to be collected.

Wrap Up

WA Scrap Metals is Steel Bayswater, Perth-based and has been successfully recycling scrap metal for many years. Our staff of experts provides welcoming and inclusive customer service.

WA Scrap Metals aims to make scrap metal recycling for you as easy and stress-free as possible. We take great pride in providing the greatest prices for metals and like working with clients to recycle any type of metal.

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